Our Approach

Comprehensive Investment Solutions

Based on the comprehensive financial plan prepared for the client, an investment strategy is developed and implemented to meet the client’s specific needs and objectives.

Investment Objectives:

Each client’s investment needs are evaluated according to return, risk, liquidity and specific constraints.

  • Objectives & Goals: The optimal long-term goals and objectives given the client’s risk tolerance, liquidity constraints and investment policy guidelines 
  • Risk Tolerance: The volatility that is acceptable or maximum downside
  • Liquidity Constraints: Cash inflows and outflows, as well as desired surpluses or reserves
  • Time Horizon: Investment focus can be tied to life goals for individuals and families [or matched to obligations or mandate for institutions]
  • Portfolio Constraints: These can include investment vehicles, tax implications, underlying fees and other guidelines.

Investment Strategy and Portfolio Management:

Combines top down and bottom up analytics to build and evaluate the client’s portfolio.

  • Macro Economic Trends: Top down analysis of global investment climate and outlook
  • Micro Investment Analysis: Bottom up analysis of portfolio investments, drawing on a wide range of investment capabilities, all of which have been screened by CFWP’s Investment Committee
  • Portfolio Tools: Timely evaluation of the portfolio and re-balancing as needed. Advisors communicate and work with clients to adjust their portfolios in response to changes in the global outlook or the client’s needs.